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To promote the development of electrochemistry and scientific experts and to improve the quality of educational and research activities in the field of electrochemistry, Electrochemical Society of Iran, is formed. Activities of Electrochemical Society of Iran:

1 - Scientific and cultural studies at the national and the international level along with researchers and scientists concerned with the science of electrochemistry.
2 –To promote the scientific communication with electrochemical societies and cooperation with scientific and research institutions, revision and implementation of plans and programs relating to education and research of electrochemistry.
3- Encouraging researchers and honoring outstanding researcher and distinguished professors.
4 – Electrochemical society of Iran provides education, research, and technical services according to the new information technology.
5 - Holding scientific conferences at national, regional and international level.
6 - Publishing and sharing electrochemical knowledge produced by scientists at national and international level.
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5th Iranian Fuel Cell Seminar
7th Anual Seminar of Electrochemistry of Iran
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Co Tolerant Electro Catalyst for PEFC
Theory of electrochemical outer sphere reactions
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Electrochemical Society of Iran
Year established:   2004
Director : Prof. Hossein Gharibi
Former directors :
1- Prof. Jahanbakhsh raoof - 1390 to 1394
1- Dr. Hossein Gharibi - 1383 to 1390
2- Prof. Majid Jafarian - 1390 to 1391
Director Email : info[at]iranecs.ir
Contact Info
Phone/Fax: +98-21-82884713
E-mail: iranecs[at]gmail[dot]com
Address: Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, 3rd floor, Tarbiat Modares University, Jalal Ale Ahmad Highway, P.O.Box: 14115-111, Tehran, Iran.
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